A creative writer and designer

On writing and creativity: I try to capture inspiration when I feel it because I believe that moment of resonance only happens when I’m in alignment with, or in the vicinity of, an intangible perfection. I try to burn the vibration of that moment into my mind. If that sudden burst comes from a piece of music, I find that music, keep it, use it. If the inspiration comes from a fragrance, a place, a picture, or an overheard conversation, I find a way to hold a semblance of that experience inside. Of course, that moment of resonance cannot be recreated in full. The veil of things is rarely lifted. My creative process, so often clumsy, awkward, maddening and heavy-handed, is my striving to see and make manifest that fleeting moment when I was fortunate enough to brush up against something that felt like perfection.

I Like


Smart, handsome, and saving lives.

Why There Are Words

The finest reading series in the United States.

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A Moment Captured

I love photography. Some of my photographs are up on Flickr.

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The Museum of Americana - Issue Six

My Best of the Net nominated story, 'Borderlands' is published here.

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Monty's got nothing but love for you. He loves to cuddle and is a sensitive dog.

The Fabulist

My Pushcart nominated story 'A Secret Mother' is published here.

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A dog's dog! Brave, smart. He's an American Dingo (South Carolina Dog), who is a sight hunter.