American Pre-Raphaelitism through the Lens and on the Canvas Sophie Lynford, doctoral candidate in the history of art, Yale University; Diane Waggoner, curator of 19th-century photographs, National Gallery of Art
In celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of John Ruskin (1819–1900), the most influential art critic of ...
34 0 52 mins 0
Press Event: Verrocchio: Sculptor and Painter of Renaissance Florence At the press preview for Verrocchio: Sculptor and Painter of Renaissance Florence on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, remarks were given by Kaywin Feldman, director, National Gallery of Art; Larry Di Rita, Public Policy Executive/Market President, Bank of America; His Excellency ... 214 0 30 mins 0
FAPE 2019: Ken Burns and the American Story Ken Burns, filmmaker, in conversation with David M. Rubenstein, co-founder and co-CEO of The Carlyle Group, chairman of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, trustee of the National Gallery of Art, and chairman of the Smithsonian Institution
3172 0 43 mins 0
Press Event: The Eye of the Sun: Nineteenth-Century Photographs from the National Gallery of Art At the press preview for The Eye of the Sun: Nineteenth-Century Photographs from the National Gallery of Art on Wednesday, September 4, 2019, remarks by Kaywin Feldman, director, National Gallery of Art, were followed by a tour of the exhibition ... 121 0 53 mins 0
Two Writers on Art, Music, and Modality Paul Carter Harrison, playwright and expert in African American theatre, and Quincy Troupe, poet, in conversation with Harry Cooper, senior curator and head of modern art, National Gallery of Art
American painter, printmaker, and sculptor Oliver Lee Jackson (b. 1935) ...
2456 0 82 mins 0
The Art and Literature of the Great War David Gariff, senior lecturer, National Gallery of Art.
The First World War, known as the Great War, was also the first modern war, claiming millions of lives, in part, by newly invented weapons such as the machine gun, tank, aircraft, ...
3712 0 160 mins 0
Photography from the Sunny Side of the Alps John Hobson, staff assistant, department of special projects, National Gallery of Art
The study of Slovene photography has remained intertwined with the medium’s specific relation to pan-Yugoslavian artistic development, generally focusing on the period between 1945 and 1991. In celebration ...
4080 0 38 mins 1
Augusta Savage: A Woman of Her Word Jeffreen M. Hayes, executive director, Threewalls
An outstanding sculptor associated with the intellectual and cultural awakening known as the Harlem Renaissance, Augusta Savage (1892-1962) overcame poverty, racism, and sexual discrimination in pursuit of her goals. Creating new visions of black ...
3937 1 41 mins 4
Signed JV, but not by Vermeer: Jacobus Vrel’s “Young Woman in an Interior” Kristen Gonzalez, department of northern baroque paintings, National Gallery of Art
Jacobus Vrel is not exactly a household name. A painter of quiet Dutch genre scenes, he produced some fifty works and quickly fell into obscurity. Composing modest interiors and ...
2529 0 37 mins 0
I.M. Pei: A Celebration of His Life and Work Lorena Bradford, accessible programs, department of education, National Gallery of Art
Since it opened to the public in 1978, the East Building has been recognized as one of the National Gallery of Art’s most prized masterpieces. The passing of the ...
2709 1 63 mins 0
Lightning striking the Eiffel Tower. Lightning striking the Eiffel Tower. 0 Repin Likes
An abandoned highway in the Rocky mountains of Canada An abandoned highway in the Rocky mountains of Canada 2 Repin Likes
Super cell in Nebraska Super cell in Nebraska 0 Repin Likes
Hello from Carly
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Carly's eyes will melt your heart.
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Jonathan Franzen - Freedom US literary superstar Jonathan Franzen talks about his hugely acclaimed novel Freedom. An epic of contemporary love and marriage, Freedom charts the exploits of the Berglund family, capturing the temptations and burdens of liberty, the thrills of teenage lust, the ... 2538 3 50 mins 0
Marian Keyes - Rachel's Holiday World Book Club talks life, sex, drugs, if not rock ‘n’ roll to chart-topping Irish writer Marian Keyes about her best-selling novel Rachel’s Holiday. She answers BBC listeners' questions from around the world, and also reads several passages from her ... 671 0 49 mins 0
JD Salinger - The Catcher In The Rye Harriet Gilbert discusses JD Salinger's classic novel The Catcher in the Rye with a studio audience, including questions from BBC World Service listeners as far afield as Nepal and the Czech Republic. She's in New York's Algonquin Hotel, long-time hangout ... 2724 0 50 mins 0
Daniel Kehlmann This month World Book Club talks to bestselling German writer Daniel Kehlmann whose entertaining, and internationally acclaimed novel Measuring the World took the literary world by storm nine years ago.
In it he reimagines the lives of German mathematician Carl ...
258 0 50 mins 0
Albert Camus - The Outsider One hundred years after his birth this month’s World Book Club, will be discussing Albert Camus' seminal novel The Outsider with his acclaimed biographer Oliver Todd, and Professor of French at Sheffield University, David Walker. And appropriately the programme comes ... 1463 0 53 mins 0
Neil Gaiman Harriett Gilbert talks to the bestselling author Neil Gaiman, voted by listeners as the 'most wanted' guest for the programme.
Neil is a British writer, comic book author, a short-story writer, a science fiction and fantasy novelist, now living in ...
341 0 52 mins 0
Ahdaf Soueif - The Map of Love At this crucial moment in Egypt’s story, this month’s World Book Club talks to one of the country’s great writers, Ahdaf Soueif, about her internationally acclaimed novel The Map of Love.
In her Booker-shortlisted bestseller Soueif weaves together two poignant ...
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Ray Chen & Luca D'Alberto "Bach-Teaser" TEASER track.
More to come if we see some love.
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My short story, "A Secret Mother" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by The… My short story, "A Secret Mother" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by The… 0 Repin Likes
LIVE IN SWEDEN: Mendelssohn Violin Concerto 1st Movement extract Performed live on February 28th, 2015 with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Kent Nagano 423156 98 3 mins 0