Introduction to the Exhibition—Verrocchio: Sculptor and Painter of Renaissance Florence Andrew Butterfield, exhibition curator, and president of Andrew Butterfield Fine Arts
Verrocchio: Sculptor and Painter of Renaissance Florence is the first-ever monographic exhibition in the United States on Andrea del Verrocchio (c. 1435–1488), the innovative artist, painter, sculptor, and teacher ...
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Degas at the Opéra, Little Dancer Aged Fourteen, 1878-1881 KIMBERLY JONES: //Little Dancer Aged Fourteen is an icon, pure and simple. It is one of the most famous sculptures in the world. There are at least 25 posthumous reproductions of this sculpture, but here we have the original.
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Degas at the Opéra, Pauline and Virginie Conversing with Admirers, c. 1876-1877 KAYWIN FELDMAN: This scene shows characters from a somewhat scandalous novel about the fictional Madame and Monsieur Cardinal and their two ballerina daughters.
KIMBERLY JONES: And here in this image, we see the two young girls, in their ballet costumes, ...
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Degas at the Opéra, Dance Examination, 1880 KAYWIN FELDMAN: Two dancers are getting ready for an important examination. On the right, the ballerina performs toe exercises to warm up. The girl on the left, with a blue bow, bends at the waist.
JULIE KENT: She’s straightening out ...
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Degas at the Opéra, Ballet Scene, c. 1907 KAYWIN FELDMAN: At the time this work was executed, Degas had not attended a performance at the Paris Opéra in more than a decade. His scenes were shaped by memory. The colors remain increasingly bright but in pastels such as ... 68 2 1 mins 0
Degas at the Opéra, Degas at the Opéra, Four Dancers, c. 1899 JULIE KENT: The look and feel of Degas’ positions, //what the dancers are focused on, //looks to me completely accurate. I mean I see //these sort of motifs of //looking at your shoes and adjusting your costume and just resting, ... 90 1 2 mins 0
Degas at the Opéra, Young Spartan Girls Challenging Boys, c. 1860– 1862, reworked prior to... KAYWIN FELDMAN: A cluster of four girls at left wear half-tunics, not tutus, as they move across the plain of Sparta, not the stage. Degas was fascinated by the ancient city-state of Sparta. He poured over ancient Greek chronicles that ... 88 0 1 mins 0
Degas at the Opéra, Three Nude Dancers, c. 1903 KAYWIN FELDMAN: This work is a study, not a drawing to exhibit or sell. The dancers are removed from any context. Here, and in the nearby drawings, we see Degas observing the body in motion.
JULIE KENT: Dancers are obsessed ...
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Degas at the Opéra, Dancers, 1879 KIMBERLY JONES: Fans were the most definitive symbol of femininity in nineteenth-century France. In the 1870s and beyond, fans developed something of a cult following among artists, who began to explore the decorative potential of the fans.
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Degas at the Opéra, The Dance Lesson, c. 1879 KAYWIN FELDMAN: Here, Degas shows us the ballerinas as they prepare themselves for their lessons.
JULIE KENT: It’s just exactly what you would see in any dance studio now, any ballet studio. It’s just it looks different because we no ...
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Degas at the Opéra, Dancer with a Bouquet, Curtseying on Stage, 1878 JULIE KENT: When a dancer’s taking a bow they are both receiving and giving thanks for the audience, for coming to watch you dance and receiving the appreciation of the audience. But it’s that little pause in the action where ... 81 2 2 mins 0
Degas at the Opéra, The Ballet Master, c. 1876 KAYWIN FELDMAN: The ballet master stands at left instructing a single ballerina. All background distractions are stripped away. This is Degas’s first experiment in monotype. Paper conservator Kimberly Schenck explains the process.
KIMBERLY SCHENCK: Monotypes are made by painting oil ...
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Degas at the Opéra, Study of a Theatre Box, 1880 KIMBERLY JONES: We see a woman gazing downwards from the opera box. We are below looking up at her. Her face is illuminated by the footlights, giving it this strange ghostly white quality.
KAYWIN FELDMAN: Degas rarely depicted actual audiences ...
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Degas at the Opéra, The Dance Class, c. 1873 JULIE KENT: You can almost hear the footsteps coming down. There’s some energy and anticipation of the dancers, that their class is coming, and that they’d better hurry.
KAYWIN FELDMAN: Behind the staircase on the left, we can see a ...
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Degas at the Opéra, Portrait of Rose Caron, c. 1892 KAYWIN FELDMAN: Critics praised Rose Caron as a “peerless tragic actress.” Others were less enthusiastic about her voice, which was once referred to as “wounded.” This is a recording of her from late in her career, in her signature role ... 62 0 1 mins 0
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